MOOC 2016: Solving the Energy Puzzle

Our free online university course on Energy Transition starts October 24.

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Climate change is real and addressing it is imperative. Tackling climate change, ensuring energy security and enabling economic growth are amongst the most urgent challenges of our time.

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Our projects pave the way to a sustainable energy future

We have laid the foundation for coordinating and facilitating complex projects.

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Growing towards a sustainable energy system

We bring together plans, partners and networks to work on the energy transition. We do so, under our three pillars: education, research and innovation.

Energy Academy Europe is located at Zernike Campus Groningen in The Netherlands.

Markets, technology, policies, law and regulations and society at large are all part of the energy system. Our energy future depends on the integration of the system-elements. Through our projects we aim to move towards system integration with the ultimate goal of transitioning to a sustainable energy system.

Our three pillars



The energy transition asks for new professionals. We boost multidisciplinairy energy education, from vocational to MBA. By 2022, we aim to have 3,000 students involved in energy education.

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We facilitate and coordinate energy research that has international impact. Combining multidisciplinairy scientific and applied research to accelerate the much needed system integration.

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We foster and support creative and forward-thinking innovations. By 2022, we aim to boost 150 start-ups, and bring market-demanded innovation to the energy industry.

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Energy lecture |Groningen’s energy neutrality & sustainable buildings | November 28th

The city of Groningen aims to become energy neutral by the year 2035. How will they reach that goal? What does it take? How can you, as a Groningen-citizen, be involved in the energy transition? Find answers to these and other relevant questions during our next lecture with Wouter van Bolhuis, Program Manager Energy at Gemeente Groningen and Dr. Faris Nizamic, CEO of the Sustainable Buildings company and award winning post-doc researcher at Groningen University.

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Energy lecture | Urgency of Energy Transition: Urgenda | November 23th

Last year, Marjan Minnesma (Urgenda) organized a 600 km march to the over 600 km to Paris prior to the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21. This conference led to the Paris Agreement. The goal of which is to deal with greenhouse gasses, emissions mitigation adaptation and finance. As of November 2016, the agreement will be effective. One of the most striking results is the agreement of the 195 countries to strive for a worldwide temperature rise of no more than 1,5 degrees.

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Energy Learning Activities 2016-2017

We host energy lectures, debates, masterclasses and excursions. Learn more

Our unique facilities

Our facilities offer a permanent infrastructure for complex research and innovational projects. Partners from all fields related to energy transition are welcome to join and work with us at ESTRAC, EnTranCe and Energysense.


At EnTranCe we  create shorter lab-to-market cycles. This is our open-innovation testing facility at Zernike Campus. We offer professional support from research institutions and established companies to students and entrepreneurs.

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10,000 households, 10 years, 1 complex infrastructure. We have set up energysense to investigate how energy use, attitudes and innovation in households can contribute to the energy transition.

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ESTRAC is the interdisciplinary and open-end innovation centre where energy-related market parties, knowledge based and other institutions can join and work together on major energy questions.

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Our project portfolio

With our multidisciplinary projects we focus on integrating various issues relevant to the energy transition. Social, legal, technical, economical and political themes. On a local, national and international scale. Please take a look:


Within the European North Sea Energy Alliance, we aim to increase the competitiveness of regional energy clusters and tackle the EU20-20-20 climate and energy goals in the North Sea region.

Energy Venture Lab/Startup Fast Track

This is the time of the energy entrepreneur. Startups add value to the energy transition. Together with ENGIE, we guide innovators through the first stages of becoming a successful entrepreneur, turning their innovative ideas into profitable business.

Partnership Mozambique

Mozambique has plenty of potential for sustainable sources of energy such as biomass, sun and wind. With our (Mozambican) partners, we work on reinforcing Mozambique’s knowledge infrastructure in sustainable energy.

Sustainability starts with energy education

Our education partners Energy Delta Institute, University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Energy College offer increasingly more energy-related tracks. Together we can provide the full spectrum in energy education – from vocational level up to MBA. In addition we work with partnering education and research institutions on a national and international level in a number of projects. This way we can support students to become well-rounded energy professionals.
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Our student activities

As a student you can boost your career in energy by joining Energy Academy’s learning activities.
We offer Energy Masterclasses, Energy Debates, Energy Lectures and Energy Excursions.
By attending these activities, you can add a new dimension to your current study
by getting in-depth and a broad insight into today’s energy issues.

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Lectors at Hanze University of Applied Sciences