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Date: Wednesday, 17 April 2019
Time: 07:45 – ±14:30 h
Location: Central Station Groningen, Touring car bus stop

!!Limited places available I Students only!!

Are you joining us to one of the biggest wind turbine manufacturers of the world?

We are invited by Enercon to discuss the production of wind turbines and the future of utility-scale wind farms. The excursion includes a lecture on location and a tour through both their Energy Education centre and the factory of rotor blades.

Wind power is currently one of the fastest-growing renewable energy segments in the world. Since wind is one of the most abundantly available and cost-effective energy resources, wind energy has been widely used as an alternative source to the fossil fuels, to generate electricity around the world.

A major boost in the investment is expected due to an increase in the capacity of installations, led by countries such as China, which is also the world’s largest wind energy market by capacity. Other major wind energy and wind turbine markets include the US, Germany, India, France and the UK.

Enercon GmbH, based in Aurich, Germany, is number five in the top ten of largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world. Together, this segment of the world’s largest wind turbine companies account for over 75% of the total global installed capacity every year, and their industrial dominance is expected to continue over the future.