The Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) 2016 training programme organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), in collaboration with Energy Academy Europe (EAE) today concluded successfully in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Twenty-six policymakers from 24 countries including Brazil, Botswana, China, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mongolia, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Tanzania and the Ukraine, successfully completed the eight-day-long training programme. The programme addressed key issues related to energy policy, technology and financing for the development of sustainable energy systems. Fifteen experts led discussions on various topics surrounding the challenges and drivers of sustainable energy for productive uses.

Pradeep Monga, Director of UNIDO’s Department of Energy, said, “UNIDO and EAE have come together to organize Sustainable Energy Solutions 2016, a training programme that mobilizes current and future policymakers to discuss energy issues in the context of the 2030 sustainable development agenda.”

Monga continued, “Energy Academy is a strategic knowledge partner for UNIDO in achieving our mandate to promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development,” adding, “EAE and UNIDO have been working together for a number of years formally and informally in brainstorming and exchanging ideas to make sustainable energy a reality.”

Andre Faaji, Academic Director of EAE, said, “UNIDO has brought the world to Groningen, and Groningen reached out to the world through SES 2016. UNIDO’s technical expertise in the design and implementation of sustainable energy projects and programmes allows them to be fully engaged and aware of the challenges on the ground. This strength, coupled with the EAE’s cutting-edge research and knowledge capacity, is a synergetic partnership that can catalyze action and change for a sustainable energy future and climate action.”