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Date: Thursday, 29 March 2018
Time: 15:00 – 16:30 h
Location: Energy Academy ​Building, room 5159.0029

The labour market is one of the pillars that will be reshaped in order to uphold the energy system and to fulfill our high power demands. What will the job market look like? Which career opportunities will arise from the energy transition? Which skills and knowledge will be required in the future energy sector? Cees Verhagen from CAB research and consultancy agency gives an outlook on labour market developments that go hand in hand with the transition to a sustainable energy system.


The Energy Transition includes much more than the shutting down of some power plants and building up new wind turbines: it will change our societal structure as a whole. With special attention for the recent labour developments in the North Sea region, where we see a change in declining activities in offshore gas production and a growing interest for the instalment of offshore wind capacity.



Industrialization, globalization and digitalization changed the labour market extensively. Whereas some proficiencies became less important, other skills and especially knowledge were increasingly required. The energy transition follows these developments and is about to introduce its very own demands to the Human Capital. Manpower in central power plants might be replaced by more flexible mobile response teams for the maintenance and support of decentralized photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. Workforce might be required to improve the power line infrastructure on an international scale. The production, promotion, selling, installation, connecting, maintenance and recycling of sustainable energy production has already created a variety of occupations and is likely to continue throughout the next decades.

Join this lecture to learn about the societal changes –today and in the future- as a result of the energy transition and indeed even about emerging new career perspectives! You will have ample opportunity to put forward your own questions and interact with Cees and your fellow audience.


This lecture is free and open to the general public.




Cees Verhagen, CAB

Cees Verhagen, studied at University of Groningen and has a background in chemical industry, hospital epidemiology, agro chemistry and molecular sciences. He is specialized in data and information processing in areas such as economy, innovation and the ‘future of labour’. As such, he combines his skills and experience as research consultant at CAB Research and Consultancy   and he is founder of Darueber, a data management and visualization agency focused on geographic data and business development. CAB is a research and consultancy agency from Groningen that serves governmental, provincial, and regional institutions in industrial and economic matters.


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