Marketing Intelligence en Innovation Management student Marthe just found out how interesting the world of energy is. She’s curious to meet those involved, and blogs about her discoveries.

As a master’s student at the University of Groningen who is interested in energy and innovation, I also like to explore what is happening with energy on the theoretical side and how you can put this theory into practice. To find out more, I visited EnTranCe and met up with Tjardo and Sebastian – two PhD students at the University of Groningen – to have a chat about their startup Enflex and how it is to run a startup as a scientist. Tjardo and Sebastian developed – with the help of two other PhD students – a software package which can reduce the cost of your energy bill. Since April they have been participating in the Startup Fast Track programme, intending to develop their startup and expand their network in the energy world. Want to know more? Check out this video: