One piece of advice Jack tells us he gets regularly is to think about his future, and to him that means a master’s. In order to find out what’s on offer in the world of energy, he got in contact with Marro Mijnans, one of the students on the EUREC master’s programme at Hanze UAS. Read on to find out more.


I’ve always thought that being a master in anything seems like a great title to have – a title bestowed only to those with an immense amount of knowledge on a particular subject – and a master of energy is something you can be with the European Master in Renewable Energy (EUREC) programme at the Hanze. Despite the obvious title, I was a little unsure as to what being a master of energy is, so I went through the process of getting in contact with one of the students taking the master’s to ask a few questions. Using the network I have built in the previous academic year – through attending events such as the EAE energy lectures – I managed to find someone who was actually a student assistant at Energy Academy Europe, like myself, not so long ago: Marro Mijnans.


Diving straight in, I asked him about the fields that were covered in the master’s, to which he told me there were aspects of everything; from technical, to financial and even developmental. Truly a multidisciplinary course. For his own personal highlights, he went on to tell me that he was mainly interested in the economic aspects of energy but the natural progression of the programme into the economics from technical aspects made the learning and understanding easier. He also highlighted that as it is a new programme, the class sizes are small and so the teachers have a lot more contact with students than when compared to other programmes.




In addition to these highlights, one thing he told me about which stands out for me is that he got to design his own master’s thesis and the topic he picked is certainly interesting. It all started from a comment by Elon Musk who is the CEO of Tesla motors, a modern day genius and a particular inspiration to him and also to me. The comment, when in comparison to Tesla electric cars: “hydrogen cars are stupid”. From here, Marro decided to explore the 2 different systems – that of hydrogen fuel cells to the Tesla electric system – to find out the pros and cons to find out which is the better investment; he tipped me off by telling me he predicts a combination of both. To compliment these advantages in the EUREC master’s, Marro now claims he can now understand newspaper segments which previously confused him.


To sum up, he told me that he would recommend the master’s to new students for the above reasons and because you get access to a strong network which opens up a lot of opportunities; particularly if you have your own business, the theory you learn can be applied directly. With such an interesting topic for a thesis, in combination with a well rounded approach to energy education, the EUREC master’s seems like a likely contender in helping to shape energy professionals in the Netherlands in the coming years. My recommendation? Sign up before it gets too hard to find yourself a place on the course.


EUREC, created in 1991, is the leading association representing research centres and university departments active in the area of renewable energy. EUREC is the voice of renewable energy research in Europe, representing European Research Centres active in renewable energy. Together with leading European Universities, EUREC has developed the European Master in Renewable Energy, available at Hanze University of Applied Sciences.


Chemistry student Jack just moved to Groningen from the UK. Eager to experience what the city has to offer, he wants to explore and investigate. Here he blogs about his experiences as an energy student.