While building a platform for interdisciplinary longitudinal research and innovation using data from households, Energysense is commited to protecting the privacy of its participants.

One of the means we use is a yearly review of all our processes and data flows. This is part of our privacy-by-design approach, where privacy is an ongoing concern. During this review, all team members critically examine all processes, structures and organisational aspects of Energysense from a privacy perspective. Afterwards, each issue identified is ranked in terms of importance and urgency, and measures are taken to ensure that the highest standards of privacy are maintained.


Energysense is a flagship facility of EAE, executed and performed by the University of Groningen: 10,000 households, 10 years, 1 complex infrastructure. Energysense is set up to investigate how energy use, attitudes and innovation in households can contribute to the energy transition. A living lab for innovation research.