From its headquarters at the Energy Academy Building at Zernike Campus in Groningen, New Energy Coalition today presented itself to the public and launched its new logo. New Energy Coalition is the dedicated  centre of expertise for energy transition and is the result of  a merger between three organisations with an extensive track record in energy: the Energy Valley and Energy Academy Europe Foundations and the Energy Delta Institute.

New Energy Coalition partners with a broad coalition of knowledge institutes -among others University of Groningen and Hanze UAS- governments, industry and other energy sector players, bringing together vast experience and the latest expertise. The Northern Netherlands, where New Energy Coalition is based, has over the past decades developed into an innovative ‘Energy Valley’ region which provides  an excellent foundation on which to build further.

‘New Energy Coalition is the answer to the government’s call to make Groningen the leader in the energy transition,’ says managing director Gertjan Lankhorst. ‘This organisation was founded to unite the parties that can make a difference and be in the forefront of this major challenge. We will be working on concrete topics which we regard to be imperative for the energy transition.’

Together with its partners, New Energy Coalition focuses on fundamental and applied research, the advancement of education on all levels, the development of new applications and products and on new innovations.

Lankhorst: ‘The energy transition is a systemic transformation of the entire chain. Many parties will have to cooperate intensively to make this a reality and this is our main objective. We will unite parties that can make the difference and we will take the lead.’


About New Energy Coalition

New Energy Coalition was founded to provide a substantial contribution to the energy transition, both on a national and international level. Connecting knowledge and networks is the necessary precondition.

To make the energy transition a reality, New Energy Coalition will work on breakthroughs in four areas: research, education, innovation and business development.

New Energy Coalition is the result of the merger of Energy Valley and Energy Academy Europe Foundations and Energy Delta Institute. Together they form a broad coalition with knowledge institutes like University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the energy sector, governmental parties and the industry. New partners who support its mission and want to contribute to realising it are welcome to join New Energy Coalition.