Date: Thursday, 11 January 2018
Time: 16:00 – 18:00 h
Location: Energy Academy building, Nijenborgh 6

Energy Academy Europe is part of NEW ENERGY COALITION

Calling Young Researchers/PhDs :

‘We, a group of PhDs researching energy topics, are curious to meet you!’

It is felt that there is much energy-related knowledge available within the universities of Groningen (RUG & Hanze) that could be used to everyone’s benefit. Enthousiasts from various fields are now preparing to organize as PhDs in an inclusive network for young energy researchers of all disciplines. Goals: to get to know who are the other young energy researchers, meet up, and organize activities for professional development and shared benefit (and of course, share some good times along the way).

On this occasion PhDs/young researchers are invited to get together for drinks & talks and to discuss the aspirations and agenda for this new Energy Community.

The initiators:

Dirk Kuiken (PhD in energy law),
Annemijn Peters (PhD in environmental psychology),
Rozanne Spijkerboer (PhD in spatial sciences),
Karabee Das (PhD at Center for Energy and Environmental Sciences – IVEM)
Laiz Souto (PhD at ENgineering and TEchnology institute Groningen – ENTEG),
Arjan Trinks (PhD in Energy Economics),
Yara Marusyk (PhD in International Relations),
Margarita Nieves Zárate (PhD in energy law),
Roel van Veen (PhD in communications at Hanze University of Applied Science),
Esther van der Waal (PhD at Center for Energy and Environmental Sciences – IVEM),
Angela Greco (PhD at Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship at campus Fryslân),
Sandra Dijkstra (Energy Academy Europe).