Looking back: events in 2018

A couple of events we enjoyed in our Energy Researcher’s community, the lectures of Machiel Mulder and André Faaij.

André Faaij and his vision on system analysis

André Faaij his lecture, June 26th, about System Analysis was a big success. André only had time to share a small part of his research and experiences, but at the end of the lecture he proposed to continue the story another time. Once again, the interdisciplinary character of the energy transition became clear, when we discussed the different models in system analysis. It was emphasized that both the social and spatial dimension should not be overlooked; we are after all, moving towards a whole new industry and infrastructure. Hopefully we can continue the discussion during a sequel of André his lecture!

Lecture Prof. Machiel Mulder

On the 7th of November we had the pleasure to host Professor Machiel Mulder, professor of Regulations of Energy Markets at the University of Groningen. Prof. Mulder shared with us a small part of his publication “Energy transition and the electricity market – an exploration of an electrifying relationship”. During the event we had time to discuss the impacts of renewable energy and electricity markets and to have an open Q&A session. The event concluded with some drinks, bites and networking.

Interactive lecture Prof. André Faaij

Last December 13th, Professor André Faaij shared with the energy community an interesting lecture: “Changing perspectives of the Energy Transition”. Professor Faaij, with more than 25 years of experience in various energy fields, pointed out the main trends and challenges of the energy transition. He remarked the crucial cooperation needed between governance, technical and social sciences and society.

After the lecture, a panel formed by Ante Frens (NAM), Nienke Homan (deputy of the Province of Groningen) and Bert Stuij (RVO and New Energy Coalition) joined Prof. Faaij to discuss the topic from different points of view. The event was also a great opportunity to say goodbye to Prof. Faaij, who was recently appointed as a director of science of ECN part of TNO.

Upcoming Energy Events

14 January | Biomass or batteries, PhD Defense Jan Hessels Miedema > Groningen, Academy Building, 16.15 h

7 March | Towards ecological governance in EU energy law, PhD defense Renske Giljam > Groningen, Academy Building, 14.30 h

10-12 April | Special Institute on International Mining and Oil & Gas Law, Development, and Investment > Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

15-17 May | Regulating a World in Transition > Tilburg, The Netherlands

28-31 May | Energy and Society in Transition: 2nd International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science > Tempe, USA