The future is now and now is the time to choose.
One of the biggest challenges of our time is the transition to a sustainable society based on clean and renewable energy sources. All over the world, every day, people work on progress. Choose to be a part of this: focus your energy, your skills, expertise or discipline in energy education.
You are the future. Are you up for the challenge?

Choose your studies
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday! The time to change the future is now! Put energy in your studies and Follow Energy. Get inspired to change!

Eline explains Eline explains

Eline explains

You’ve met Eline last week. In this video she explains why she’s working in the energy sector next to her studies! Want to know why focussing on energy is so important? Learn more down below.

Meet Eline Meet Eline

Meet Eline

Meet Eline! She’s working in the energy field while studying. See what you can do with energy!

Find out what your skills can do for (y)our future Find out what your skills can do for (y)our future

Find out what your skills can do for (y)our future

Only nerds can work in energy? That’s so outdated! Find out what your skills can do for (y)our future. Learn more about your options down below!

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The energy transition needs both skilled professionals and excellent
researchers. That is why we focus on energy education. Be it in law, science,
economics, psychology, technology or any other field. You’ll be surprised what
impact you can make within the energy transition, if you are able to look
beyond your disciplines. What do you choose?

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Follow Energy is an initiative of the Energy Academy, a partnership between New Energy Coalition, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and University of Groningen, to inspire and inform you and your fellow students about the many possibilities in energy education. We aim to boost the energy transition by educating students in the interdisciplinary field of energy.

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