This is a new initiative of the Energy Academy Programme to build bridges between enthusiastic energy students and -international- energy related companies, projects and ventures.

Through our studies, we’ve gotten a great insight into the energy world, and now we’d like to put this into practice, escape from the confines of college and explore the industry in the real world. As we enter the latter stages of our studies, we are keenly aware of our career prospects after university. The energy tour therefore provides an excellent opportunity for students to generate contact with the main players in the energy industry, with a view to forging long-lasting relationships. The goal of the Energy Tour is to connect academically excelling students from Groningen with energy related companies in Europe.

It offers companies a chance to find their future employees and spread their names at all faculties in Groningen. Students from different backgrounds can provide useful help with case studies and give a fresh insight in the challenges companies face on a daily basis.

This year the tour will travel off to Berlin where we will spend two or three days visiting companies, projects and exhibitions who are all busy in developing a better world in terms of technology.

Participating in the Energy Tour is voluntary and does not reward study points. This is a way to work in an enthusiastic team and to boost your resume, communicate with international companies in the energy industry and increasing your chances for a future job in this sector.

The Energy Tour will take place around the end of May, further information about application and the Tour itself will be provided soon.


It is defined as an Energy Learning Activity for students of the Hanze UAS and the University of Groningen. Students are invited to attend as many Energy Learning Activities as they want, at all stages of their education.
Energy Learning Activities are part of the Energy Academy Europe Certificate. If students follow 10 Energy Learning Activities and also complete 30 ECTS in energy courses at Hanze UAS or the University of Groningen, they are eligible for obtaining the EAE Certificate.

Website: New Energy Coalition