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Deadline: Thursday, 3 January 2019 

Are you an energy enthusiast and motivated to get in contact with energy related companies? This is your chance! Become part of the executive board for the Energy Tour of our Energy Academy Programme. Organize an energy tour for some 30 fellow students and give them an inside view of the energy transition in Europe.

 This is a new initiative of the Energy Academy Programme to build bridges between Groningen’s enthusiastic energy student community and -international- energy related companies, projects and ventures. The plan: to organize an Energy Excursion to a city in Europe and visit multiple companies in the energy sector.

For this we need a team of 5 enthusiastic students who are familiar with the energy sector and the energy transition. Working together in the next months, putting together and organising the Energy Tour to take place by the end of this academic year (May 2019). You will be selecting and approaching companies, take care of logistics and create your own event! Start building good relations with multiple companies and become well informed about the job opportunities within the sustainable energy sector.

 In short:

  • 4 months of organization
  • Not shy to make phone calls to multiple -international- companies
  • Prepared to work approx. 4 hours a week including a weekly board meeting
  • Interested in the Energy Transition in Europe
  • Lead a group of thirty fellow-students during the Energy Tour
  • Estimated date of Energy Tour: end of May, 2019

Organizing the Energy Tour is voluntary and does not reward study points. This is a way to work in an enthusiastic team and to boost your CV, communicate with international companies in the energy industry and increasing your chances for a future job in this sector.

The admission deadline is January 3, 2019. To apply for the executive board please fill out the admission form. We ask you to write a motivation of 150 words max. and to upload your CV. Based on the motivation and experience of the applicants, we will invite 10 candidates for an interview and decide who will be part of the executive board of the Energy Tour 2019.