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Date: Thursday, 25 October 2018
Time: 09:00 – 12:30 h
Location: Energy Academy ​Building

This is a student-only event, free of any costs (INCLUDING FREE LUNCH!)

The registration for this event is unfortunately full, there are no places available anymore. Interested in being on the waiting list? Send a mail with your student number/name/e-mail address to!

Create the ideal sustainable energy mix!

​​How can you make a town or city energy neutral? And how can you ensure that production, profit, people and planet are in proportion with each other? This requires bargaining and certain combinations that provides the community with sufficient energy, but also keeps all the different interests in balance. The energy transition is all about being aware of the different stakeholders and recognizing its interdisciplinary character!

During the WE Energy Game you will negotiate with each other about the use of renewable energy sources in order to make a town or city energy neutral. Considerations in all areas are included (production, people, planet, profit, space, and regulation). As a player you will represent one of these areas, but it is impossible to win the game, by thinking only about your own interests!

The game is based on research conducted by Frank Pierie, a researcher at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. It was developed as part of his doctoral research to provide energy cooperatives and stakeholders with practical insights about the energy transition. During this masterclass it is your turn to play the game and to take matters into your own hands! Besides that you will learn about the importance of taking different stakeholders into account, in order to avoid resistance and delays in energy projects, during a lecture of the Centre of Expertise Energy, Hanze UAS.


09.00 |            Lecture
10.00 |            Q&A + Introduction WE Energy Game
10.30 |            Coffee break
10.45 |            WE Energy Game
12.00 |            End discussion
12.30 |            Catered lunch (free of costs!)

It is defined as an Energy Learning Activity for students of the Hanze UAS and the University of Groningen. Students are invited to attend as many Energy Learning Activities as they want, at all stages of their education.
Energy Learning Activities are part of the Energy Academy Europe Certificate. If students follow 10 Energy Learning Activities and also complete 30 ECTS in energy courses at Hanze UAS or the University of Groningen, they are eligible for obtaining the EAE Certificate.

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