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Date: Thursday, April 19, 2018

Time: 09:30 – 11:30 h

Location: Energybarn/EnTranCe, Zernikelaan 17, Zernike Campus Groningen

What are the latest developments and which new challenges are lying ahead? Director of Denmark’s Energy Academy, Soren Hermansen, will elaborate on the island’s system innovations and how they built further towards their energy goals. What can we learn from his approach on system innovation management and how can we use this in the local implementation of renewable energy all around the world?










Samsø has become a global example of how to create a sustainable community through local ownership and community engagement. It is the first island in the world to be 100% powered by renewable energy.




One of the key projects right now is a plan to make Samsø completely independent of fossil fuels before 2030. This project includes goals for the reduction of local electricity and heat consumption. Plus the intentions that all transport on, to and from the island takes place with electricity or bio fuel as propellants.


Søren Hermansen is the director of Denmark’s Energy Academy (Samsø Energiakademi) and head of the Samsø renewable energy island project. His knowledge and experience is widely recognized and in 2009, he received the Gothenborg Prize — the Nobel Prize of the environmental field. He has appeared in multiple TV shows, including the Dutch show ‘Tegenlicht’ and shared his story at the Energy Convention 2010 and TEDx.

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