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Date: Wednesday, June 6 2018
Time: 15:00 – 16:30 h
Location: Energy Academy ​Building, room number to be announced 

In this duo lecture, Dr. Christian Taubitz of the Research & Development department of Hanwha Q CELLS will explain how solar cells are produced and how they are able to transform sunlight into usable electricity. Dr. Taubitz will be joined by Maarten de Groot, of GroenLeven solar field company, who will outline and describe how they build large-scale solar parks and what role they play in the energy transition.

Much of the renewable energy we use today can trace its origin to the sun. Even wind and biomass power are generated from the effects of sunlight: by setting air in motion, and facilitating the photosynthesis required for plant growth. Photovoltaic is the most direct way of using sunlight to produce electricity, and is a vital component in the sustainable energy landscape of the future. But how does the latest photovoltaic (PV) technology work exactly and what are the right types of environment to produce good PV performance?

Be sure to join this lecture at the Energy Academy Europe to find out the answers to these questions, and ask any further questions about PV that you may have.



Adoption rates of PV are growing globally as the technology becomes more affordable, efficient and integrated into electricity systems. This upward trend for PV growth is further boosted by a rising desire among governments to tackle air pollution, lower carbon emissions and to reach bold environmental targets. At the same time, consumers – from homeowners to business owners – appreciate PV’s ability to lower energy bills and put them in control of their electricity consumption. These trends are why Hanwha Q CELLS is determined to maintain a technology leadership role in the PV industry.


This is a public event open to anyone with an interest in the energy transition, admission is free upon registration.

Maarten de Groot represents GroenLeven in his role as manager for marketing, communication and public relations. GroenLeven is a Dutch company that builds large-scale solar parks following their principle ‘People, Planet, Profit’, and concerns not only their own benefits but acts in favour of all parties involved.




Dr. Christian Taubitz is a Research and Development director at Hanwha Q CELLS.
Hanwha Q CELLS is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, with headquarters in South Korea and Germany. Hanwha Q CELLS specializes in crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels, offering high-quality photovoltaic systems for private as well as commercial investors.

It is defined as an Energy Learning Activity for students of the Hanze UAS and the University of Groningen. Students are invited to attend as many Energy Learning Activities as they want, at all stages of their education.
Energy Learning Activities are part of the Energy Academy Europe Certificate. If students follow 10 Energy Learning Activities and also complete 30 ECTS in energy courses at Hanze UAS or the University of Groningen, they are eligible for obtaining the EAE Certificate.

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