Our Programme

Energy Academy Europe offers some 20 Energy Learning Activities to RUG and Hanze UAS students every year: lectures, debates, masterclasses and excursions on a wide range of topics related to the energy transition. We invite top speakers from different fields and disciplines, inspirational debaters and highly skilled professionals to provide you with the latest knowledge and information on energy related issues.
As a student, you can attend these events in addition to your regular study and courses. And there is more: it can lead you to obtaining the valuable Energy Academy Europe Certificate.

Sofar we have welcomed world-renowned speakers such as entrepreneurial expert Saras Sarasvathy, European Commission’s Vice-President for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič and recently Marjan Minnesma of Urgenda.


Energy Lecture

A monthly 2-hour event with national and international speakers

Energy Masterclass

Half-day introductions to high profile topics with high profile specialists, four times a year

Energy Debate

Discussions between guest speakers and students on urgent issues in the energy transition.

Energy Excursion

Field trips to energy initiatives on site, close by (Eemshaven) and further away (Paris)

December 2017

4 | Energy Excursion:  RWE Eemshaven Power Plant > more info

7 | Energy Lecture:  Legal Aspects of the Energy Transition by Koenders & Pipping (Dorhout) > more info

12 | Energy Lecture: Energy Innovation & Landscape in the U.S. by Doug Arent > more info

18 | Energy Excursion: Suiker Unie factory, Green Gas from sugar beets > more info

    19 | Energy Lecture: Offshore Energy by Jepma (RUG) and Frens (NAM) > more info

January 2018

9 | Energy Lecture: Sustainable Architecture by Daan Bruggink > more info

 11 | Kick-off meeting PhD Energy Community > more info

16 | Energy Lecture: National Energy Policy of the Netherlands > more info

23 - 26 | Energy Excursion: Brussels & Paris > more info

24 | Energy Lecture: Energy Pricing by Roderick Timmer (Cross Options Group) > more info

February 2018

1 | Energy Lecture: Hydrogen – A Promising Fuel & Energy Storage Solution by Robbert van der Pluijm > more info

8 | Energy Excursion: NAM Headquarters and gasfields > more info

March 2018


What are Energy Learning Activities?

The energy transition needs professionals and researchers who are specialists in their field, but who are also able to look beyond their own discipline. People who are trained in a multidisciplinary way, who know how to cooperate with other professionals, and who have a broad set of skills and competences. Therefore EAE organizes Learning Activities: public events, open to anyone with an interest in the energy transition. With some special attention for students of Hanze UAS and University of Groningen to introduce them to the multifaceted world of the energy transition.

Learning Activities offer the opportunity to get acquainted with different points of view, different interests, and different fields. We believe this will add an extra dimension to the education and it will increase the future employability of the students.

Plus joining these activities helps students to build a network. They will not only meet other energy students but also professionals, researchers and other experts. In short: Energy Learning Activities provide students with interdisciplinary knowledge on a wide range of issues. And they help students on their way to become a future well-rounded energy professional!

You’re invited

Energy Learning Activities are organized by Energy Academy Europe, sometimes in collaboration with other parties like Studium Generale, Hanze UAS and University of Groningen. The Energy Learning Activities Programme is a specifically designed extra curricular programme for bachelor and master students, who are enrolled at the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Of course, we also invite everyone else interested in the energy transition to participate in our Energy Learning Activities. In general the events are free of admission and everyone is invited, but you are kindly requested to register in advance.

Follow 10 Energy Learning Activities

Students who participate in 10 Energy Learning Activities can receive a proof of participation in the Energy Academy Learning Activities programme. If you have an interest in a future energy career, and want to add value to your degree: please register for the Energy Academy Europe Certificate.

Make sure you complete 30 ECTS of interdisciplinary energy education in your own educational programme and participate in 10 Learning Activities during the course of your study. You can start at any time with collecting the 10 Learning Activities-credits, both at Bachelor and Master level, as long as you end up with completing 10 EAE Learning Activities upon graduation.