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Date: Wednesday 18 July
Time: 09:00 – 17:00 h
Location: Meeting Point – Energy Academy ​Building

–Note: Lunch included–

From 12-20 July 2018 the Groningen Energy Summer School (GESS2018) is held. Two events of the programme of GESS2018 are also open for members of the Energy Community of Young Researchers. This gives members of the Energy Community of Young Researchers a chance to participate in part of the programme of GESS 2018 for free and to meet and interact with PhD students from other (non-Dutch) universities.

This excursion is organised in order to enrich our understanding of local innovation for global change from a concrete, physical perspective. We will visit a number of local projects in the Northern Netherlands and meet the people driving these projects. This will be the occasion to see local innovation in action and to relate the concepts discussed in the summer school to developments on the ground. In addition, the excursion will take us through different ‘energy landscapes’, so that we will experience the changing configuration of the countryside in relation to energy transitions of the past.