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Date: Monday 16 July 2018
Time: 19:00 – 21:00 h
Location: Academiegebouw Broerstraat Groningen (city centre)

Note: This evening will take the form of a debating contest

From 12-20 July 2018 the Groningen Energy Summer School (GESS2018) is held. Two events of the programme of GESS2018 are also open for members of the Energy Community of Young Researchers. This gives members of the Energy Community of Young Researchers a chance to participate in part of the programme of GESS 2018 for free and to meet and interact with PhD students from other (non-Dutch) universities and in case of the energy debate contest also with young energy professionals from the energy industry.

This evening is the opportunity to sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge in an interactive setting. The aim of the debates is to urge participants to engage with dilemmas surrounding local energy innovation based on their own personal expertise and opinions and to be confronted by the experiences and opinions of others. In doing so, the debates help widen the existing scope of PhD students and young energy professionals towards local energy innovation and energy transitions in general. Explicit intentions are to both allow and stimulate participants to come up with well-informed and well-argued statements and opinions regarding various dimensions surrounding local energy innovation. Participants can choose from statements that draw from a range of disciplines and can have both technical, social and ethical dimensions.

The contest will be well-structured according to a proven format. The selection of winners will take place by voting done by the participants themselves. Details on the format and the mechanism of voting will be explained before the debates. Obviously, a small prize will be awarded to the winners!