In July, 2018 we hosted a festive Graduation Ceremony for all students who obtained the Energy Academy Certificate (or for some, a Declaration of Participation). The Energy Academy Certificate is a valuable certificate in addition to the degrees students obtain at either Hanze University of Applied Sciences or the University of Groningen to acquire knowledge of other disciplines and to work on a set of competitive skills in a variety of energy-related subjects.

Students to accelerate the energy transition
The Energy Academy Programme encourages students from different study fields to prepare as future young professionals with a broad perspective on the energy transition. To acquire the Energy Academy Certificate, students are invited to take part in the programme of Energy Learning Activities. Through these activities, participants will acquire insights and knowledge about the opportunities and challenges faced by different stakeholders in their efforts to accelerate the energy transition.

As a result, participants are able to put forth a well-articulated and thoughtful vision of the energy transition and to contribute to interdisciplinary solutions to energy-related issues.

This year’s programme has successfully led to 20 students to receiving an Energy Academy Certificate and 5 students receiving the Declaration of Participation. At the ceremony Gertjan Lankhorst, CEO of New Energy Coalition, emphasised the importance of energy education, foreseeing a bright future for these young energy professionals: “This is exactly what the energy transition needs – young and motivated students who are enthousiastic to help solving energy-related issues.”

Here you can read more about the Energy Academy Certificate and how to register for the next academic year.