Energy education at every level

The energy transition needs both skilled professionals and excellent researchers. With a broad view on the matter at hand. That is why we offer education on all levels. We take an interdisciplinary and multilevel approach to energy education and for that we introduce the extracurricular Energy Academy Programme to make students ready for their future in the energy transition.

Education Programmes

Education is provided by University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Energy College (vocational), and Energy Delta Institute (MBA).

Energy Academy Certificate

The Energy Academy Certificate is designed for students who want to distinguish themselves in the field of energy transition.

Energy Learning Activities

This extracurricular programme includes inspirational lectures, debates, masterclasses and excursions, available for students and everyone else interested.

Follow Energy

A campaign to promote all Energy Education at the University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Energy Academy.

PhD Energy Community

The Energy Community of Young Researchers is a platform for enthusiastic researchers from various fields to share their energy-related knowledge and experiences.

Student Energy Community

We are setting up a community to unite students from all backgrounds with an interest in the energy transition. More information will follow soon….

I looked at many different perspectives of energy transition, for example from the demand side to the supply side.
Matthijs de Bey

Student Technical Engineering, Hanze UAS