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Our projects pave the way to a sustainable energy future

The energy transition is a highly complex systematic phenonemon. We have taken the lead in a initiating, facilitating and coordinating complex multidisciplinairy projects necessary to accelerate the energy transition. Please, take a look at our portfolio:

Portfolio Projects

Energy Academy Projects

Energy Venture Lab

We help talented entrepreneurs with great ideas move forward. Startups and established businesses. Participants bring their idea, give their blood, sweat and tears, and we provide a tailor-made business acceleration programme with facilities, networks, coaching and expertise. For free.

Partnership Mozambique

A consortium led by the University of Groningen and Energy Academy Europe executes this project on strengthening the energy knowledge infrastructure in Mozambique in the field of energy, setting up programmes at Mozambican educational institutes and train Mozambican staff.


The energy transition has a large impact and is a complex and multi-disciplinary topic. Because of this complexity governments and market parties are reluctant to move forward, to embrace changes and innovations. The results of new policy in strategy and investments are increasingly difficult to project. As a result the questions of energy transition remain unanswered.

IAEE 2018

As co-organiser of the 41st edition of the International Energy Economics Conference in 2018, we see a fantastic opportunity to showcase the excellence in multidisciplinary energy research, education and innovation programmes.


The European North Sea Energy Alliance (ENSEA) aims to increase the competitiveness of research- driven energy clusters through better coordination and exploitation of research. With ENSEA, we defend the North Sea coastline against climate change.

Partnership Drayton Valley

The Town of Drayton Valley in Alberta, Canada, has established the Clean Energy Technology Centre (CETC). With EnTranCe, EAE serves a role-model for further development of the CETC.

China PhD Program

Biomass energy plays a more and more important role in the worldwide energy system. As coordinator of multidisciplinary energy research programs, we coordinate a new Doctoral program on biomass, for 9 Chinese NWAFU PhD students in the years of 2016-2018.

World Energy Council

The World Energy Council (WEC) is a global network of energy practitioners aimed at promoting an
“affordable, stable and environmentally sensitive energy system for the greatest benefit of all”.
The EAE heads the Programming Board of the Dutch committee, proposing and coordinating studies on topical energy issues.

North-West Germany (OLEC)

Since 2013, we are developing cross-border cooperation with the OLEC network in the Oldenburg region. We want to establish collaboration on relevant energy themes and bring together partners from business and academia from both regions.

Partnership Unido

We are in the process of establishing a partnership with UN International Development Organisation, under which joint projects in the areas of research, education and capacity building will be developed.

MOOC Energy Transition

Our free online course for students and professionals provides a unique multidisciplinary approach exploring the technological, legal, economical, spatial and societal aspects of the energy transition.

Saudi Arabia (King Saud University)

Even a traditional fossil-fuel country such as Saudi Arabia cannot escape the trend towards more sustainable energy. We are establishing a work programme around energy transition questions with the King Saud University, the largest and most reputable Saudi Arabian university.

PhD Energy Summerschool

The Groningen Energy Summer School (GESS) 2017 takes an interdisciplinary approach to the societal and technological dimensions of the energy transition. By combining a broad range of disciplines, this event will offer a unique opportunity for PhD students to become aware of different aspects of energy transition, to develop novel insights, and to create synergy in approaches to the energy transition. The participants will attend lectures by specialists in the field, present their own and each other’s work, and play an active role in the discussions.