May 2017

4th |Energy Lecture: Energy Transition from the global perspective by Noe van Hulst, ambassador to the OECD, Ministry of Foreign Affairs > more info

9th |Energy Lecture: Ameland self-sufficient by 2020 by Albert de Hoop, mayor of Ameland > more info

         16th | University Lecture: Have the media failed on climate change? > more info

16th |Energy Excursion: Visit to the Westereems Wind Park > more info

          18th | Venture Class: Lezing Green Planet > more info

29th |Energy Lecture: A finance and policy perspective on energy transition > more info


June 2017

1st |Energy Masterclass: Electricity > more info

16th | Energy Innovation Talks: Masterclass > more info

22th | Transfuture Festival: energy festival at EnTranCe > more info

22th |Energy Debate: Energy Agreement of the Netherlands > more info

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017

29 - 30 |Energy Innovation Talks: Bootcamp > more info

For the Academic year 2016 – 2017 more Energy Learning Activities are to be announced. Keep an eye on our event calendar for the latest information.

Past events


Excursion: Visit the Power Plant of RWE


An Energy Excursion Visit to RWE Power Plant Eemshaven. In 2015, in Eemshaven, Groningen RWE put a new ultramodern power plant into operation, with a capacity of 1,560 megawatts. This new power plant is to play an important role in the energy supply for the Netherlands in future years, in order for energy supplies to remain reliable and affordable. For that reason, ten years ago the Dutch government designated the Eemshaven area as a site for new power plants. RWE built an ultramodern coal-fired power plant. The plant has been operational since the summer of 2015.

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Masterclass: Natural Gas


An Energy Masterclass by GasTerra, NAM & Gasuniet. The Netherlands is listed among the largest producers of natural gas in the European Union; around half of the energy consumed in the Netherlands comes from natural gas.The producing companies today, are looking towards a new future, to implement their assets and expertise in the major system turnaround – the energy transition: what is the outlook for their company and what role can they play in the transition to a more sustainable energy system? The subject has many angles: economical, societal, political, technical, legal.

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Lecture: Energy Transition - the Case of Russia


An Energy Lecture by Tatiana Mitrova Director of the Energy Center at SKOLKOVO School of Management. What is the potential of renewables and is it really close to zero, as the fossil fuel industry insists? Dr. Tatiana Mitrova addresses the topic from a policy point of view and provides insights on the state of energy transition in the Russian Federation and the main challenges for this process in the resource rich countries like Russia. She will also discuss other drivers that have repercussions for the pace of energy transition in Russia, and the Russian energy sector as a whole.

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Lecture | Empower The Consumer


An Energy Lecture by Aart van Veller, CEO of VandeBron. Buying your energy straight from the source – why not? What will happen if we were to rule out the traditional energy industry from the supply chain entirely? This is what the founders of Vandebron were contemplating in 2013. Today Vandebron is an opinionated, fast-growing and sustainable startup company on a mission, shaking up the traditional markets.

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Lecture | Influence of the transition on the labour market


An Energy Lecture by Marsha Wagner, Program Manager for the Human Capital Agenda at ‘Topsector Energie’ addressed forecasted changes in the near future labour markets, professions and professionalism. How does the energy transition affect the labour market? Which personal and professional skills do we need in our society in the near future? Are we ready for it?

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Excursion | NAM Headquarters & gasfields


Today, natural gas is one of the most important energy sources in The Netherlands. 93% of Dutch households is connected to natural gas from the Groningen gas field. This largest natural gas field in Europe is operated by the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM). What do they do? What challenges lie ahead? And what does a gas extraction installation actually look like?

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Lecture | Sustainable energy future and climate action


An Energy Lecture by Dr. Pradeep Monga, UNIDO’s Special Representative of the Director General. What is the role of the United Nations in the global transition to a sustainable energy future? How does the UN support the development of sustainable energy systems in developing countries and emerging economies? In December 2016 Dr. Pradeep Monga visited the Energy Academy Europe at Zernike Campus for an UNIDO/EAE-event, and provided a guest lecture on ‘integrated energy solutions’, sharing his views from a United Nations perspective.

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Masterclass | North Sea Island as future energy hub


An Energy Masterclass by Mart van der Meijden, professor Large-scale Sustainable Power Systems at TU Delft and Innovation Manager at TenneT. He addressed the issue and the future of our energy system during his inspiring and highly interactive Energy Masterclass. How do we utilize the renewable energy potential of the North Sea? How do we connect these sources with the European energy grid?

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Lecture | Groningen's energy neutrality


An Energy Lecture by Wouter van Bolhuis, Program Manager Energy at Gemeente Groningen and Dr. Faris Nizamic, CEO of the Sustainable Buildings company and award winning post-doc researcher at Groningen University. The city of Groningen aims to become energy neutral by the year 2035. How will they reach that goal? What does it take? How can you, as a Groningen-citizen, be involved in the energy transition?

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Lecture | Urgency of Energy Transition


An Energy Lecture by Marjan Minnesma, managing director and co-founder of Urgenda Foundation won a court case against the state of The Netherlands forcing government to act on climate issues. She headed a much publicised 600 km march to the Paris Conference of 2015. Following up on the great success of her inspiring lecture for Energy Academy earlier this year, Minnesma will return to discuss the state of the matters little over one month after the European Union ratified the Paris Agreement.

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Lecture | Social acceptance of energy transition


An Energy Lecture by dr. Berfu Ünal (Social sciences, University of Groningen).The energy transition has many different faces. Apart from the technological and political challenges that lay ahead, the energy transition has a societal side. The matter that might influence the transition’s success more than anything else are the people that have to adopt these changes.

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Masterclass | Dutch gas industry at cross roads


An Energy Masterclass by GasTerra, NAM and the Gasunie, During the masterclass, students had the opportunity to find answers to interesting questions about multiple challenges associated with the extraction of this form of energy, ranging from declining domestic reserves to CO2 reduction targets and public acceptance issues. Through a series of presentations given by GasTerra, Gasunie, and NAM, they will learned about the scope of the tasks and responsibilities of each company.

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Lecture | Entrepreneurship and energy by Maurits Groen


An Energy Lecture by Maurtis Groen, the ‘most sustainable person of the year 2015’ according to Trouw newspaper; in the lecture he will speak about ‘Entrepreneurship and energy’. This energy lecture is available for everyone who wants to learn more about being an entrepreneur in sustainability, particularly those with an interest in energy.

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Lecture | Basics of Energy


An Energy Lecture by Luca Franza for everyone who wants to know about global energy trends and energy transition, but would especially appeal to those figuring out whether the topic “energy” could (or should!) be a topic for their studies.

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Lecture | Jan Pieter Versluijs


A lecture about a successful energy entrepreneur and co-founder of Solar Monkey, Jan Pieter Versluijs.

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Excursion |EPEX Amsterdam and ENGIE Zwolle



Lecture | Christoph Frei


The energy market and resilience of the energy system in addition to the ‘energy trilemma’: energy security, energy equity and sustainability.

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Lecture | Stientje van Veldhoven (D66)


How can the Netherlands become more sustainable and grow at the same time?

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Excursion |Groningen Seaport


Offshore energy.

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Lecture | Tom Bosscheart


Making business of sustainable thinking.

Excursion | Ambition for Transition


Students from all around the Netherlands and energy professionals met for workshops, lectures and meet and greets in Utrecht.

Lecture | Marjan Minnesma - Urgenda


Climate change and the possibilities of being 100% sustainable by 2030.

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Excursion |Paris and Brussels

11-01-2016 - 14-01-2016

3 Day-trip to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris and to the latest developments in the EU energy policy in Brussels.

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Lecture | Basics of Energy


A lecture by Frans Debets on what energy is all about and how huge the challenge of energy transition is.

Debate | The future of energy in Europe and worldwide


The future of energy in Europe and worldwide; On May 29, Maroš Šefčovič, Vice President of the European Commission and responsible for the new Energy Union, visited Energy Academy Europe as part of his Energy Union Tour. During an Energy Debate, students had the opportunity to ask their questions about the future of energy in Europe and worldwide.

Excursion | Economics of Energy excursion


Economics of Energy excursion

Debate | How to be an Energy Independent Community?


By Sören Hermansen, Samsoe - Denmark