Date: Tuesday, 19th of September, 2017
Time: 15:00 – 16:30 h
Location: Energy Academy – Zernike Campus (Nijenborgh 6)

Are you considering studying energy, or taking a course on energy related topics? Today’s lecture is a perfect occasion to prepare for your studies and enhance your knowledge about energy. With this event Energy Academy Europe will kick off the academic year 2017/2018. The lecture ‘Basics of Energy’ is presented to you by Luca Franza, researcher at Clingendael International Energy Program (CIEP).

‘Basics of Energy’ offers you a great opportunity to delve into the world of energy and grasp a better understanding of the topic. In this lecture you will learn about the most recent developments in the energy sector. The event will help you understand the challenges and complexity of the transition to an affordable, sustainable, and secure energy system. Topics include a.o. market dynamics, policy-making, or geopolitical developments. During the lecture you will have the opportunity to ask questions, put forward problems, and discuss prominent issues.

Topical questions that Luca will be addressing are, a.o.:

  • Dispelling some myths about oil & gas trade. Who is really dependent on who?
  • Is dependency a bad thing? What would happen to the Middle East in a world that doesn’t consume oil? Are there going to be new dependencies?
  • Why is the US shale revolution so important for energy consumption patterns and markets? Can this revolution be exported?
  • What stands behind the recent fall in oil prices and why is this so important? What is likely to happen?
  • What role can natural gas play in nurturing economic growth and decarbonizing the energy system?
  • How are Asia’s booming economies and demography impacting energy markets and the climate change agenda?
  • Can we really stop using fossil fuels?
  • What are the main opportunities and challenges for decarbonization?


The lecture is free and open to the public.



Luca Franza is a researcher at the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP), an energy think-tank affiliated with the Netherlands Institute of International Relations in The Hague. At CIEP, Luca focusses on the international gas market – conducting research on both its commercial and geopolitical aspects. He is also a Lecturer in Natural Gas Markets at the PSIA SciencesPo Master in International Energy. Before joining CIEP, he worked at Transparency International Azerbaijan and graduated in International Security at SciencesPo (2012) and Political Science at LUISS University (2010).


It is defined as an Energy Learning Activity for students of the Hanze UAS and the University of Groningen. Students are invited to attend as many Energy Learning Activities as they want, at all stages of their education.
Energy Learning Activities are part of the Energy Academy Europe Certificate. If students follow 10 Energy Learning Activities and also complete 30 ECTS in energy courses at Hanze UAS or the University of Groningen, they are eligible for obtaining the EAE Certificate.