Date: Tuesday, 9th of May, 2017
Time: 03.00 PM – 04.30 PM
Location: Energy Academy Building, Nijenborgh 6, Zernike, Groningen. Lecture Room 5159.0029 (ground floor).

In April 2016 the Dutch island of Ameland (Waddenzee) introduced the largest solar energy park in the Netherlands. The park is part of the master plan and strong ambition for Ameland to become self-sustaining in its energy supply using renewable energy exclusively by 2020. The island operates an experimental ecosystem for renewable energy for the Netherlands (and indeed, for the rest of the world). Albert de Hoop, mayor of Ameland since 2006, has played a key role in the process towards the realization of this plan. In this lecture De Hoop will elaborate on this bench mark-project: What are the lessons the Netherlands and the rest of the world can learn from this bold and courageous island on the coast of the Netherlands?

De Hoop was –and is- the driver in the ambitious plan: he involved major companies Gasterra, NAM, Eneco and Philips and accomplished that a gentleman’s agreement was signed for the exclusive test innovation regarding sustainable energy on Ameland. The idea and motivation behind this major project fits well with the characteristics and mentality of the island’s inhabitants; the urge for autonomy and independence. The island had been independent up to 1800, until it formally became part of the Netherlands. Today Ameland it is the hot spot for renewable energy and many are surprised by the involvement of the gas industry in the project as well. Albert is less surprised as he senses that this industry is coming to the realization that gas as a main source of energy is coming to its end.

In today’s lecture De Hoop will guide us through the project and elaborate on the difficulties of coordinating such a large scheme. What is the future of self-sustaining municipalities, regions and even countries? Ameland is learning a lot concerning the progress of technology and the process of transitioning towards renewable energy. What are the lessons the Netherlands and the rest of the world can learn from this bold and courageous island on the coast of the Netherlands?

Albert de Hoop, mayor of the municipality of Ameland

Since 2006 and a leading figure in the process of making Ameland self-sufficient by 2020. Ameland is on a well-defined track towards becoming self-sufficient by 2020 because of his hard work and dedication. Albert’s political affiliation is with D66 and he has a passion for Norway and can often be found there.

Albert is the nineteenth mayor of Ameland in 2006, he has a wife and two daughters (both with Norwegian names) and he has a longstanding interest in the Waddeneilanden. In Ameland a mayor is chosen for a six-year long term and Albert expressed his interest in serving another term after his first. This led to his reappointment in 2012 for his second term. Before serving as the mayor, Albert worked for the Ministry of Security and Justice as part of the department which collects fines. When Albert took office as mayor he was still actively enrolled in a study sociology at the University of Amsterdam. He is involved in many networks across different sectors, such as education, private business and he taught as a guest lecturer on organizational management at different organizations. Albert finds it most important to work with and for the people and to know the purpose of his work. He has been in leading positions since he was 23-years old but has no desire for big is better, and rather works alongside people who have as much fun in work as he does. He is a strong advocate for all that Ameland has to offer.

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