On 7 March, in London, it was announced that the University’s new Energy Academy Europe building has won the BREEAM Award 2017. This award underlines the fact that Groningen now has a particularly sustainable and ambitious building. Its smart design will keep its energy requirements low; the building will even be able to produce more energy than it uses. The Energy Academy Europe building is the most sustainable educational building in the Netherlands.

Highest BREEAM score
The building (15,000 m2) is designed to serve as an example at a time when fossil fuels and other polluting, high – consumption solutions are to become a thing of the past. This exceptionally energy – efficient building has been labelled ‘BREAAM-NL Outstanding’, the highest possible category. BREEAM is a way of building sustainably where the toll on the environment is kept as low as possible and a healthy working and living environment is stimulated. During the design phase of the Energy Academy Europe, much effort has been put into energy-saving measures. This involved keeping the demand for energy low on the one hand, and making maximum use of natural sources of energy such as sun, earth, air and water on the other hand.

Via BREEAM 2017

Via the University of Groningen (also in Dutch)