Energy Academy Europe Certificate

The Energy Academy Europe Certificate is awarded to students who have completed 30 ECTS in Energy studies at Hanze University of Applied Sciences or University of Groningen as part of their programme, and who attended 10 Energy Learning Activities organized by Energy Academy Europe.

Interdisciplinary and multilevel approach

The Energy Academy Europe Certificate is a valuable certificate that is added to the student’s diploma of Hanze University of Applied Sciences or University of Groningen. It certifies that the student received in-depth education in his own discipline and has in addition gained knowledge of other disciplines adjacent to his field, and that he worked on a set of competitive skills. The Certificate Programme is designed following the T-shape principle: students learn to have a vision that extends the immediate study topic, and combine thorough professional knowledge in a highly specific field with sufficient insight into the context and a general knowledge of bordering disciplines.

For instance: a student of Hanze UAS can follow designated energy routes. Generally these energy routes are designed according to a multidisciplinary approach: studying in-depth courses in your own discipline (worth 20 ECTS) and broadening  your horizon following courses outside the discipline (10 ECTS). Topped off with 10 Energy Learning Activities a student is eligible for the Energy Academy Europe Certificate.

I looked at many different perspectives of energy transition, for example from the demand side to the supply side.

Matthijs de Bey

Student Technical Engineering, Hanze UAS

Energy Academy Europe Certificate =

30 ECTS Energy Education
10 Energy Learning Activities

Your road towards the Energy Academy Europe Certificate

Energy Learning Activities
Make sure you sign up and participate in 10 Energy Learning Activities during the course of your study. You can start at any time, both on Bachelor and Master level, during the course of your study, as long as you end up with 10 Learning Actictivities upon graduation.

Upon participation of and registration for 10 each Energy Learning Activities, you can acquire a ‘proof of participation’ in the programme. This proof, in the end, is required to apply for the Energy Academy Europe Certificate.

Energy Academy Europe organizes 20 Energy Learning Activities every year on a wide range of topics, all related to the energy transition.

Energy Education
The 30 ECTS of interdisciplinary energy education that is required for the Certificate has to be completed at Hanze University of Applied Sciences or University of Groningen.

For Hanze UAS, 22 energy routes are available that lead you to obtaining 30 ECTS interdisciplinary energy education.

For the University of Groningen, a programme of interdisciplinary energy education is currently being developed. In the meantime, individual programmes are available.

Stay updated

You can show your interest for the Energy Academy Europe Certificate programme by signing in on our website as a ‘Certificate-candidate’ using the form below. This way, we know you are interested in the programme and we’ll keep you updated with more detailed information, for example about the requirements. Registration also means that we will keep track of all the Energy Learning Activities you have followed.

Life after acquiring the Energy Certificate