MOOC 2017 starts in October

Taking advantage of the broad range of scientific disciplines within the University of Groningen, this free course takes a multidisciplinary approach to tackle and solve the energy puzzle.

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Klimaattop Noord NL 2017: speeding up the energy transition

On Thursday, November 9 the regional climate conference ‘Klimaattop Noord NL’ will be held at the Energy Academy Building in Groningen. This conference aims to bring businesses, local governments, social and scientific/research parties together for further and combined actions to speed up the energy transition. Participants are now called upon to register through the designated website

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Energy Venture Class: The Men from ENIE.NL

For our business accelerator programme, Energy Venture Lab hosts a public ‘Energy Venture Class’. This event is also for prospect-participants in the EVL programme, taking new entries for the start in October.

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UNIDO/EAE Sustainable Energy Systems Training 2017

In 2016 the first edition of UNIDO/EAE’s SES (Sustainable Energy Systems) Training brought twenty-six policymakers from 24 developing countries and emerging economies from all over the globe to Zernike Campus Groningen, The Netherlands. The 2017 edition will take place from 15 – 22 November.

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EBF College Day: Energy in Transition

A series of lectures organized jointly by EBF and Energy Academy Europe (EAE) as part of the EBF 2017 conference, the largest economic and business conference of the Netherlands attracting some 600 students, academics, alumni and business participants. Three expert speakers from different disciplines will share their view on the topic: Energy In Transition.

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EAE at Hanze UAS’ Welcome Day

The Energy Academy-team will be present at Hanze UAS’ Welcome Day promoting our Energy Programme. The programme supports the energy tracks of Hanze UAS and University of Groningen.

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Energy Lecture: Basics of Energy by Luca Franza (CIEP)

This lecture offers you a great opportunity to delve into the world of energy and grasp a better understanding of the topic. It will help you understand the challenges and complexity of the energy transition. Topics include a.o. market dynamics, policy-making, or geopolitical developments and more.

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Mozambique project – Energy Stakeholder Meeting Maputo

Following up on the team’s visit earlier this year a further step was taken recently. Energy sector stakeholders from government, industry, NGO’s and higher education institutes in Mozambique gathered in the capital Maputo early July to discuss the potential for setting up a sector-wide ‘energy platform’.

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‘Tegenlicht’ Meet Up: The Breakthrough of Renewable Energy

It makes sense to have a debate on renewable energy at the most sustainable –and for that matter the chosen most beautiful- building in Groningen. This evening the Energy Academy Building will be hosting the VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up Groningen: a public debate on the topic of renewable energy.

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Energy Academy Certificates 2017 awarded

At the end of the academic year 2016/17 a new and growing tradition takes place: the award ceremony of the year’s Energy Academy Certificates to RUG’s and Hanze UAS’ students who completed the requirements for the award. Pioneers, still, as the Certificate is in its first and developing stage of existence.

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Symposium ‘Wind-meets-Gas’

The ongoing developments on the North Sea are crucial for the EU energy transition. Appealing new initiatives in which politics, business and knowledge institutes collaborate are of major importance in a time where North Sea developments enter a new stage. Therefore New Energy Coalition (a combination of Energy Valley, Energy Academy Europe, Energy Delta Institute) and a large number of other parties organise the two day symposium ‘Winds-meets-Gas”.

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Partners embrace joint direction ‘New Energy Coalition’

On May 16 a great number strategic partners of Energy Valley, Energy Delta Institute and Energy Academy for the first time came together in a collective partner-meeting. The parties are already working closely together and will integrate into one organization in the course of 2017.

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TransFuture Festival at EnTranCe

On Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd of June, EnTranCe will be hosting the TransFuture Festival for the third time. A festival for professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, governments and stakeholders around new energy and innovation. The TransFuture Festival is organized... read more

EAE’s André Faaij at Vienna Energy Forum 2017

The Vienna Energy Forum 2017 aims to contribute to the successful implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. It serves as a platform for discussing and highlighting the importance of the linkages between climate and development as well as the synergies among... read more

Energy Lecture: A finance and policy perspective on energy transition, by Hans van Cleef (ABN AMRO Bank) & Janneke de Vries (World Resources Institute)

Society is increasingly demanding cleaner and more reliable energy supplies, while governments are searching for low-carbon development options. This along with growing availability and cost-competitiveness of renewable energy technologies, creates a great opportunity to shift global energy systems onto a more sustainable path. There are, however, several significant challenges ahead. In this lecture Hans van Cleef and Janneke de Vries will share their perspectives on the energy transition in the Netherlands and beyond from a financial and policy driven point of view.

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No system integration, no transition

We're modelling the behaviour of hybrid energy systems with our knowledge partners TNO & ECN. System integration is paramount in making the transition successful. The future energy system will have increasingly more renewable energy in the mix. The behaviour of such a hybrid energy system is highly complex and modelling is essential in assessing it.

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