Energy Academy Certificates 2017 awarded

At the end of the academic year 2016/17 a new and growing tradition takes place: the award ceremony of the year’s Energy Academy Certificates to RUG’s and Hanze UAS’ students who completed the requirements for the award. Pioneers, still, as the Certificate is in its first and developing stage of existence.

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Symposium ‘Wind-meets-Gas’

The ongoing developments on the North Sea are crucial for the EU energy transition. Appealing new initiatives in which politics, business and knowledge institutes collaborate are of major importance in a time where North Sea developments enter a new stage. Therefore New Energy Coalition (a combination of Energy Valley, Energy Academy Europe, Energy Delta Institute) and a large number of other parties organise the two day symposium ‘Winds-meets-Gas”.

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Partners embrace joint direction ‘New Energy Coalition’

On May 16 a great number strategic partners of Energy Valley, Energy Delta Institute and Energy Academy for the first time came together in a collective partner-meeting. The parties are already working closely together and will integrate into one organization in the course of 2017.

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TransFuture Festival at EnTranCe

On Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd of June, EnTranCe will be hosting the TransFuture Festival for the third time. A festival for professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, governments and stakeholders around new energy and innovation. The TransFuture Festival is organized... read more

EAE’s André Faaij at Vienna Energy Forum 2017

The Vienna Energy Forum 2017 aims to contribute to the successful implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. It serves as a platform for discussing and highlighting the importance of the linkages between climate and development as well as the synergies among... read more

Energy Lecture: A finance and policy perspective on energy transition, by Hans van Cleef (ABN AMRO Bank) & Janneke de Vries (World Resources Institute)

Society is increasingly demanding cleaner and more reliable energy supplies, while governments are searching for low-carbon development options. This along with growing availability and cost-competitiveness of renewable energy technologies, creates a great opportunity to shift global energy systems onto a more sustainable path. There are, however, several significant challenges ahead. In this lecture Hans van Cleef and Janneke de Vries will share their perspectives on the energy transition in the Netherlands and beyond from a financial and policy driven point of view.

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Energy Excursion: Visit to the Westereems Wind Park

Long before the invention of electricity, the Dutch have used the power of wind as a source of energy, for example to mill grain. Though most old-fashioned windmills these days are but tourist attractions, the wind is still blowing strongly across the Netherlands.

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WE Energy Game part of All Energy Day Rotterdam

On 9 March, Energy Academy Europe and EnTranCe took the WE Energy Game on another journey, this time to Rotterdam. During the annual All Energy Day the game was played with a diverse group consisting of students from TU Delft and representatives of Energie Beheer... read more

EAE visit Mozambique project

In February, a delegation from Groningen University, Hanze UAS and Energy Academy Europe visited Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, for a series of meetings.

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Energy Lecture: Energy Transition from the global perspective, by Noe van Hulst, Ambassador of The Netherlands at OECD and IEA

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) focuses on “better policies for better lives” and the International Energy Agency (IEA) on reliable and sustainable energy policies. The transition to a low-carbon economy is critical in the work of both OECD and IEA. It is also one of the priorities of the current G20 presidency of Germany. In his lecture Noe van Hulst will elaborate on the challenges and possibilities on a global scale during this path of energy transition.

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Successful R&I in Europe – European Networking Event

The 8th edition of “Successful R&I in Europe – European Networking Event” will take place on 2-3 March 2017 at Van der Valk Airporthotel, Düsseldorf. For the eighth time, the conference invites researchers and entrepreneurs to find new partners for European... read more

EnTranCe | Open House | Feburary 07

Interested in Energy? On Feburary 07, EnTranCe organizes a guided tour around the facility for everyone who is interested in EnTranCe and the topic of energy transition.

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Seminar: North Sea as a future powerhouse on March 17th

This event, designed with the aim to build bridges between the fossil energy industry and the offshore wind sector, consists of a theoretical framework containing an “outlook” for offshore developments in the gas and wind industry, and will outline the most important options for achieving synergies and the influence of regional planning.

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New challenge Bert Wiersema outside EAE

As per the 1st of March Bert Wiersema, Managing Director of Energy Academy Europe, is appointed as Managing Director of the European Research Center for Exascale Technology (ERCET). Wiersema has lead Energy Academy from 2013 together with Scientific Director André... read more

Energy Lecture: Empower The Consumer by Vandebron’s Aart van Veller

Buying your energy straight from the source – why not? What will happen if we were to rule out the traditional energy industry from the supply chain entirely? This is what the founders of Vandebron were contemplating in 2013. Today Vandebron (‘straight-from-the-source’) is an opinionated, fast-growing and sustainable startup company on a mission, shaking up the traditional markets.

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This spring: Energysense Event for Participants

Since the Energysense team recently moved its offices into the Energy Academy buidling, this is a great occasion to welcome the Energysense participants into this new home, given that Energysense is already entering into hundreds of participants’ homes.

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Sixth Groningen Energy Summer School

The Groningen Energy Summer School (GESS) 2017, this Summer School takes an interdisciplinary approach to the societal and technological dimensions of the energy transition.

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Energy Excursion video: NAM December 2016

Today, natural gas is one of the most important energy sources in The Netherlands. 93% of Dutch households is connected to natural gas from the Groningen gas field. This largest natural gas field in Europe is operated by the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM).... read more

Student blog | No Faith in Science: Religion and Energy

To me – and I think to most people – the word energy has scientific connotations. Only recently have I began researching the different types of disciplines that work in the energy sector, broadening my own understanding of the world of energy (all of which... read more

EAE International Advisory Board meets in Groningen

On 8 and 9 December, the International Advisory Board (IAB) of the Energy Academy Europe (EAE) met in Groningen for the third time since the start of the EAE in 2013. The meeting was held in the new Energy Academy Europe building. The IAB is an advisory body to the... read more

UNIDO and Energy Academy Europe agree on cooperation

The Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) 2016 training programme organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), in collaboration with Energy Academy Europe (EAE) today concluded successfully in Groningen, the Netherlands. Twenty-six... read more

Energy Academy visit to China

Invited by Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University (NWAFU), a 985-project university based in Yangling, Shaanxi Province, Energy Academy joined in the Silkroad Agricultural Education and Research Innovation Alliance as one of the initial natural members. In... read more

UNIDO energy training in Groningen

Groningen – Policy makers from developing and emerging countries from all over the world are flying to Groningen this week to attend a training programme on energy transition from 30 November until 7 December. The programme is hosted by United Nations Industrial... read more

We’ve moved!

In the last week of November, 2016 we packed up our stuff and moved our offices. Just up the street on Zernike Campus this new, most sustainable building of the nation, with BREEAM Outstanding qualification, beautiful building emerged.

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Our new accelerator programme: Energy Venture Lab

JOIN OUR INFO MEETUP: FRIDAY JANUARY 13!   We are very happy to announce the next edition of our business accelerator programme Energy Venture Lab, starting in January. EVL is the successor programme of Startup Fast Track that brought some exiting ventures tot he... read more

Energy Masterclass: North Sea Island as future energy hub, by Mart van der Meijden (Tennet) on December 1st

Did you know there are plans to build an energy hub in the North Sea? Mart van der Meijden, professor Large-scale Sustainable Power Systems at TU Delft and Innovation Manager at TenneT, will address the issue and the future of our energy system during his inspiring and highly interactive Energy Masterclass. How do we utilize the renewable energy potential of the North Sea? How do we connect these sources with the European energy grid?

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Energy Lecture: Social acceptance of energy transition, by Berfu Ünal (Groningen University) on November 17th

How do you change people’s behaviour and attitude towards the energy transition and how to track their behaviour at all? These issues will be addressed by dr. Berfu Ünal (Social sciences, University of Groningen). The energy transition has many different faces. Apart from the technological and political challenges that lay ahead, the energy transition has a societal side. The matter that might influence the transition’s success more than anything else are the people that have to adopt these changes.

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Energy Excursion: NAM Headquarters & Gasfields on December 15th

Today, natural gas is one of the most important energy sources in The Netherlands. 93% of Dutch households is connected to natural gas from the Groningen gas field. This largest natural gas field in Europe is operated by the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM). What do they do? What challenges lie ahead? And what does a gas extraction installation actually look like? Find out at the upcoming Energy Excursion to NAM’s headquarters in Assen and a visit to their gas field in Witten.

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Energy lecture: Energy neutrality: the case of Groningen by Wouter v Bolhuis (City of Groningen)/Faris Nizamic (Sustainable Bldgs/RUG) on November 28th

The city of Groningen aims to become energy neutral by the year 2035. How will they reach that goal? What does it take? How can you, as a Groningen-citizen, be involved in the energy transition? Find answers to these and other relevant questions during our next lecture with Wouter van Bolhuis, Program Manager Energy at Gemeente Groningen and Dr. Faris Nizamic, CEO of the Sustainable Buildings company and award winning post-doc researcher at Groningen University.

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Energy lecture: Urgency of Energy Transition by Marjan Minnesma (Urgenda) on November 23rd

Last year, Marjan Minnesma (Urgenda) organized a 600 km march to the over 600 km to Paris prior to the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21. This conference led to the Paris Agreement. The goal of which is to deal with greenhouse gasses, emissions mitigation adaptation and finance. As of November 2016, the agreement will be effective. One of the most striking results is the agreement of the 195 countries to strive for a worldwide temperature rise of no more than 1,5 degrees.

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A next step for Energysense: A living lab for innovative SMEs

Groningen –  Energysense is pleased to announce it has received a €360 000 grant from SNN (the alliance  of the Northern Netherlands Provinces to strengthen the economy of the North). These funds will support the development of Energysense’s role as living lab for... read more

Video | The best kick off of the new academic year

30 degrees Celsius, good food & drinks and excellent company: Energy Academy Europe’s first ‘sustainable’ BBQ event, held at the Energy Barn. Guests: study associations board members. Target: getting to know each other and spread the word –... read more

Student Blog | Energy Conscious: Society and Energy

When it comes to humans, a large part of our progress as a species is limited by our ability to produce new technologies and develop new methods within the means of our finite pool of resources. One aspect which is perhaps not considered as often is something which is... read more

Science exhibit RE:charge in public library

From September 15 up to November 3 the science exhibit RE:charge is open to the public during opening hours at the Public Library in Groningen’s city center, Oude Boteringestraat. RE:charge is Energy Academy Europe’s interactive exhibition produced by... read more

Video | Life after acquiring the Energy Certificate

What is life like after acquiring the Energy Certificate? Matthijs de Beij and Mark Kuipers were awarded the certificate (30 ECTS) last July, upon completion of the minor ‘Energy & Society’ at Hanze UAS to supplement their primary subject. The Energy Certificate... read more

Energy Lecture | Basics of Energy | Sep 29th

Energy Academy Europe is proud to announce the kickoff of the new academic year with the Energy Lecture “Basics of Energy”. The lecture will take place on the 29th of September and will be given by Luca Franza of Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP).

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Student Blog | Under Pressure: Piezoelectrics

With the prospect of research as a career, student assistant Jack looks into some of the current research going on at the University of Groningen. In the development of new technologies, one that stands out to him is that of piezoelectric materials; a use of which is energy harvesting. Read on to find out a little more about these devices and their potential role in the energy system.

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Student Blog | A Master of Energy

One piece of advice Jack tells us he gets regularly is to think about his future, and to him that means a master’s. In order to find out what’s on offer in the world of energy, he got in contact with Marro Mijnans, one of the students on the EUREC master’s programme at Hanze UAS. Read on to find out more

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Video | Startups accelerate the energy transition

As the academic year has came to an end, so has the competition in the Startup Fast Track programme. Over the last few months, energy startups have been competing for a chance to win €10,000 as investment for their company, and now we have the winners: Clean Tech... read more

First China energy Phd’s to Groningen

China funds 4 PhD’s to Groningen for energy studies China Scholarship Council (CSC) granted 4 Chinese PhD students to study energy issues in Groningen from this year. They will start their research work at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) in October. These 4... read more

Energy Partners sailing Ecolution to Delfsail 2016

A fascinating parade of century old tall ships and modern ships was headed by the futuristic sailing yacht Ecolution, a living lab for sustainable technology – opening the 2016 edition of DelfSail. This year’s theme was ‘A Festival of Energy’ emphasizing the... read more

Energy startups win €50,000 euro investment

Clean Tech Aviation, Energie Company, Envitron, GRIDCORN en Synext have been elected winners of the Startup Fast Track 2016, the business accelerating program for energy startups. The winning entrepreneurs stand to receive a EUR 10,000 investment funding each. Startup... read more

Max van den Berg new chair supervisory board

As per 1 July, 2016 Max van den Berg, former Commissioner to the King of the Groningen Provincial Board is appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Energy Academy Europe, succeeding Gertjan Lankhorst (CEO GasTerra).

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Time to reconsider the Dutch foreign energy policy portfolio

In the Netherlands, foreign energy policy used to be primarily focused on oil and gas and was connected with the relationship with oil- and gas-producing countries. Today, Dutch government is changing its energy policy to strongly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions... read more

Student Blog | Biotechnology

After attending last year’s Energy Convention, Jack came out with a new found appreciation for finding solutions through biology. Eager to find out more about how this could relate to energy, he went to talk to Dick Janssen, a professor in Chemical Biotechnology. Read on to discover what he found out.

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Energysense aiming for 10.000 Dutch households

NL/Groningen – What does energy-behaviour of Dutch households entail? When, how and why do people choose  electricity, natural gas or other power sources in their daily lives? Energysense, a large scale longitudal research infrastructure will map everything... read more

EAE saddened by IAB member Ambassador WU Jianmin’s death

Energy Academy Europe (EAE) is sad to learn that Ambassador WU Jianmin, member of International Advisory Board (IAB) of the (EAE) and former Chinese ambassador to France, the Netherlands and UN, tragically passed away as the result of a car accident in the early... read more

Student Blog | Engie Excursion

The energy sector, in particular the electricity sector, is changing rapidly. More and more renewable energy is currently fed into the electricity grid, reducing the market share of conventional sources. Although we know this change has many consequences –... read more

Student Blog | Sustainable Storage

Since moving to Groningen, Jack has shown a curiosity for how the worlds of energy and science intertwine. The perfect crossover seems to be offered by the idea of energy storage; that is, how the energy we use in our every day lives is stored. Jack went to talk to one of his professors to really get to know the different techniques and their limitations.

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Ten challenges in the energy transition

The energy transition is one of the biggest changes of this century and knows many aspects: buildings, transport, energy storage, solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, CO2 capture and more.

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Student Blog| Interview with Christoph Frei – World Energy Council

Our penultimate speaker, who arrived in Groningen last week, was Christoph Frei of the World Energy Council. Despite the increasingly humid weather, the turnout was good as he went through topics based around the energy market and resilience of the energy system in addition to the ‘energy trilemma’: energy security, energy equity and sustainability.

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Excursion report: ENGIE Zwolle and APX Amsterdam

Have you ever wondered who decides how much we pay for electricity? Or how exactly the energy comes to us in our houses? On 25th of May, Energy Academy Europe organized an Energy Excursion for 20 students to ENGIE Zwolle and APX Amsterdam with the cooperation of Professor Machiel Mulder and his students.

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TransFuture festival | EnTranCe | 23th & 24th of June 2016

We would like to invite you to join the TransFuture Festival 2016 on Thursday, June 23rd and Friday, June 24th 2016. This festival takes place at the Energy Transition Centre (EnTranCe), situated on the Zernike Campus in Groningen. The TransFuture Festival is for... read more

Energy Lecture | Energy entrepreneur: Solar Monkey | 23th June

Are you eager to learn more about energy entrepreneurship? Do you want to receive hands-on business advice from a successful young startup? Interested in the market around renewable resources? During TransFuture Festival 2016 (23th June), Energy Academy invites Solar Monkey for the last Energy Lecture of the academic year.

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Secretary-General of the World Energy Council visited Groningen

At the invitation of the Energy Academy Europe (EAE), Dr Christoph Frei, Secretary-General of the World Energy Council (WEC), paid a two-day visit to The Netherlands. The EAE organised a programme around his visit in cooperation with the WEC Netherlands member committee, of which the EAE is a member.

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Student Blog | Interview with Stientje van Veldhoven – D66

I’ve often found that it can be difficult to make even the most simple decisions. Where should we eat tonight? Which show on Netflix should I waste my day with? Should I go to the library? When it comes to the big decisions, it’s no wonder that we pay people to make them.

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Student Blog | Enflex

Being interested in energy and innovation makes Startup Fast Track the perfect environment for our Master’s student Marthe. In her most recent video she takes us into the heart of the action by meeting up with one of this year’s contestants: the energy startup Enflex.

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Student Blog | Groningen Seaports Excursion

Martin Liao, EUREC Master student, is determined to look for newer forms of renewable energy and assist in the energy transition of the future. Returning to university to pursue his passion in renewable energy, he fell in love with a soggy patch on the European continent. Now he’s looking to make a difference on this side of the pond.

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Green Mind Award | ‘Thinking about sustainability’

The Green Mind Award is an initiative of the Sustainability Steering Group of the University of Groningen. Staff and students of the university could submit ideas to significantly improve sustainability performance within the business operations or buildings.

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Company Blog | Session 1: Building your dream team

Alena is working in the energy field as a junior communication professional. She wants to broaden her horizon and delve into the world of energy and entrepreneurship. Over the next few weeks, she will follow this topic with one question in mind: Can I be an energy entrepreneur?

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Energy Excursion | ENGIE Zwolle and APX Amsterdam | May 25th

Who decides how much we pay for electricity? How did a famous gas and coal company change to renewable energy? On May 25th, Energy Academy Europe is going on an excursion to find out the answers! Join us and get to know more about ENGIE Zwolle and APX Amsterdam.

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Energy Lecture | Christoph Frei | May 24th

Are you interested in global energy developments? Want to learn about the issues that ‘keep energy leaders awake at night’? Would you like to meet one of the world’s most influential energy organisations? Then come to the Energy Lecture by Dr Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council, on 24 May.

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Company Blog | Entrepreneurship for non-entrepreneurs

Alena is working in the energy field as a junior communication professional. She wants to broaden her horizon and delve into the world of energy and entrepreneurship. Over the next few weeks, she will follow this topic with one question in mind: Can I be an energy entrepreneur?

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Energy Lecture | André Jurjus | May 11th

UPDATE 9 MAY 2016:
Unfortunately, the Energy Lecture by André Jurjes is cancelled. We’ll reschedule the Lecture and keep you updated. Be sure to keep an eye on our website or Facebook.
Are you interested in the energy transition and what it requires? Triggered by challenges in energy production chains and climate policy? Eager to find out more about energy security? André Jurjus is director of Netbeheer Nederland, the association of energy network operators in the Netherlands.

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Student Blog | Clean Tech Aviation

Like a lot of people, Marthe enjoys her holidays and travelling; particularly to those far off destinations. However she is conscious of the effect flying has on the environment, which leads us to Clean Tech Aviation. After hearing the news that Ben Cappelle successfully managed to fly over the ocean using only biogas, she couldn’t wait to get down to Eelde to find out more.

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Student Blog | Sustainable Success

Chemistry Student Jack just moved from UK to Groningen. He wonders why, and blogs about his experiences as an energy student. In this blog things are starting to heat up in the Startup Fast Track programme, which has lead Jack into wondering what lies beyond the finish line for the participants. Turning his attention to those who have already found success in the world of energy, Jack got in contact with Tom Bosschaert to find out more about the journey to success.

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Energy Academy seeks project officer for energy education

For the implementation of the T-Shaped project the Energy Education is looking for a Project Officer. The project officer works for the Energy Academy Europe and is part of the teaching team of EAE, consisting of approximately three employees under the leadership of... read more

A workweek in a weekend for starting energy entrepreneurs

Last weekend, the Startup Fast Track Weekend took place in Groningen. After the first selection, fifteen energy startups received an intense training and coaching, providing their energy idea with an enormous boost. The weekend also functioned as a selection for the... read more

Student Blog | A Kees Study

As a Chemistry student, Jack is interested in research as a possible career path. Here he talks to Prof. Dr. Kees Hummelen – one of his professors at the University of Groningen – who is a top research scientist in the field of material sciences; specialising in PV solar cells. As part of his investigation, Jack wanted to find out a little more about the man behind the science…

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Sustainable businessmodels engaged students

During an interactive Energy Lecture Tom Bosschaert tackled questions such as ‘What is sustainability?’ and ‘How to generate profit while creating foundations for sustainable societies?’, with a select group of 40 multidisciplinary students from both Hanze University... read more

Registration open for free online course on energy transition.

University of Groningen and Energy Academy Europe have launched the second edition of the free online course on the topic of energy transition. This free “Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)” provides a unique approach, taking advantage of the broad range of scientific... read more

Participants selected for Startup Fast Track Weekend

This Friday to Sunday, the Startup Fast Track Weekend takes place in Groningen, as a kick off for the second edition of the Startup Fast Track programme. After a strict selection, fifteen energy startups receive a pressure cooker training and coaching, providing their... read more

Student Blog | SAMEEN, Bridging the Gap.

When it comes to the future, people often say it’s who you know that matters, not what you know. Building a strong network is important in order to transition from university to the workplace; something SAMEEN – a student organisation with a passion for energy – knows a lot about. Read on to find out what information they shared with Jack.

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Student Blog | Interview with Energy Startup: Frog Energy

‘Startup’ is one of those words which has started to become more and more common, especially in Groningen. Intrigued by the growing use of the word, Marthe turns her attention to the winners of last year’s Startup Fast Track programme: Frog Energy. Here we find out more about one of these elusive startups.

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Student Blog | Startups and Finding the Golden Egg

Being a newcomer to Groningen makes everything new for our international student assistant Jack. Eager to find out more about the world of energy, he talks to Gea Vellinga of Venture Lab who helps him to answer some questions he has about business and energy. In addition to the information, she also shares some hints and tips with him, such as the ‘Golden Egg Check’. Read on to find out more.

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Student Blog | Building a new home

After moving from the UK to Groningen, international student Jack is busy building a new home for himself here in The Netherlands. At the same time, Energy Academy Europe is also building their new home on the Zernike Campus. He draws parallels with his own life and looks into why the new building has been given a BREAM-rating of outstanding.

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No system integration, no transition

We're modelling the behaviour of hybrid energy systems with our knowledge partners TNO & ECN. System integration is paramount in making the transition successful. The future energy system will have increasingly more renewable energy in the mix. The behaviour of such a hybrid energy system is highly complex and modelling is essential in assessing it.

Read more about our collaboration with TNO and ECN